Those with any form of experience with panic attacks know full well that a panic attack, no matter how minor, can strike at any time and in any place. While enlisting the help of a professional for treatment of it can help sufferers get to the root cause of their disorder, it is nearly impossible for the symptoms of it to go away with one treatment, it is important for sufferers to utilize some form of self help for panic attacks for the times when their symptoms may feel like they are beyond their control. Here are just a few of the self help for panic attacks tips so you too can learn how to take control of your attacks once and for all.

  1. Take the time to understand your fear. In order to learn how to will first need to understand what exactly triggers your feeling of fear. True fear only presents itself when there is something that you should be afraid of, but if you find yourself feeling fear when no physical threat is present, then you are not experiencing true fear. It is only a malfunction of your body's response to a particular situation. Some of the most common triggers may be long term exposure to stress or a traumatic experience from your past. When you identify the triggers which cause your fear, you can then focus on the problem and find ways how to solve it so you can control panic attacks for good.
  2. Make sure to state your dominance. When you suffer from some form of anxiety malfunction, your body will trigger a form of attack sensation to what others will perceive as harmless situations. These reactions will come and go and the good thing is that the symptoms of it are totally harmless. Your body is only utilizing its pre-programmed blueprint that helps keep you alive when dangerous situations arise, the only difference is that the symptoms appear when no harm is present. The next time you feel like you are about to have an attack make sure to avoid the instinct to want to run away. You need to remember that each attack is a response malfunction which is harmless and will ever go away on its own. When you take control over your attacks and do not let the fear get the better of you, you are taking a dominant stance over your attack. Tell yourself that in the next 20 seconds your symptoms will start and that you are more than willing to let them do their own thing. If you find that the time has come and gone and no symptoms of a panic attack have appeared, move on and drop any thoughts about anxiety. When you understand the feelings associated with it, you will no longer fear your symptoms which allow you to learn how to cure panic attacks for good.
  3. Take time to clear your thoughts. One of the best ways to overcome panic attacks is to not even think about them. When you worry about the symptoms of a panic attack you end up keeping your mind preoccupied with the possibility of an attack which has the potential to turn into a disorder. No matter how bad your symptoms may be, its very important to think happy thoughts and keep your mind stress free. This is much easier to accomplish when you have an understanding of what triggers your anxiety and you understand that they are a harmless representation of your fear.

These are just a few of the beginner tips for self help it. Once you realize that the symptoms of a panic attack are nothing more than the body's natural response to a non-existent threat you can learn how to take control and overcoming attacks once and for all.