People are left feeling ruffled by a panic attack. They do not know what to do or who to turn to for help. If you are one such person, I will give you a few helpful tips to aid your war against your problem. These hints can assist in curing you forever. There are mainly three ways to fend off these attacks namely;

Cognitive Behavioral therapy
• Self help
Medicines (as a last resort)

Getting cured of attacks of panic is possible by following any one or all three of them. Other advantageous hints are:

1. Look for information. Many people mistakenly take panic attack as an incidence of heart attack and go into further tizzy. This can be avoided by being well informed about the specific symptoms of the two.
2. When you think you are under an attack of panic, inhale deeply and slowly through your nose, hold the air for a couple of seconds and exhale slowly. This will fill your lungs with oxygen and help fight the attack.
3. At the onset of an attack, repeatedly tell yourself that there is no actual cause for it, no need of fear and you are in control of your body and mind.
4. Shift your attention to something else other than yourself. Perhaps you could plan your activities or simply sing a song!
5. Researchs prove that alcohol and drugs accelerate your chances of suffering a panic attack, so it is advisable to limit their intake and lead a healthy life.