A panic attack is a terrifying condition to have or experience for that matter. It can cause one to make irrational decisions and take counterproductive actions in order to “save” themselves from impending doom. During this phase, the individual is overwhelmed by intense fear and anxiety which are so powerful that they trick the body individual into thinking that they are either; dying, losing control, going crazy, or are about to faint. For most part, panic attacks are not dangerous, those affected just think that they are in danger.

For those looking to be rid of this condition, of course you can count on several methods as well as medicine. The problem is that some of the medications which you may be prescribed with can cause side effects, give you a false sense of security, and worse, can make you dependent. On the other hand, when using natural methods, some of them will actually be helpful in resolving some of the issues associated with anxiety disorders but are generally considered as capable of resolving the problem itself. Want to avoid these pitfalls? Here are three natural remedies for panic attacks that you might want to consider:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): An integration of both cognitive and behavioral therapies and is considered to be one of the most highly recommended and proven techniques to managing anxiety disorders and panic attacks. The emphasis of CBT is to control and change thought patterns as well as actions through the practice of simple methods like mindfulness and acceptance.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT): This method introduces and explores mindfulness exercises as an alternative way t re-experience acceptance of your inner states. It emphasizes on procedural or body knowledge as a way of learning what happened when you try too hard to control your thoughts and emotions internally.

Dialectal Behavior Therapy (DBT): It is an approach which helps individuals to balance out their emotional as well as their objective states. The core skill emphasized by this technique is mindfulness, and learning a nonjudgmental, present centered intentional awareness, and using it in order to regulate emotions, tolerate stress and other interpersonal skills.

So before you start reaching for any conventional medication which you think may help you manage your condition better, take these three natural remedies for panic attacks into consideration first. If you want to know more about any of the methods mentioned above, check the internet or ask your physician. Both may be able to provide you with additional information that you will find useful. Once you have gathered enough information and you still feel that you need medication, you will still be able to avail of them any, just do not say we did not warn you.